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On November 2nd, Fitch Ratings announced that it was upgrading Warren County’s Issuer Default bond rating (IDR) and GO bond rating from a AA to a AA+.  According to the Fitch press release, “The AA+ IDR and GO ratings reflect the county’s strong growth prospects, ample reserves, and broad budgetary tools…The County’s superior budget flexibility supplemented by its ample general fund balance position it to comfortably manage through economic downturns without diminishing its overall financial flexibility.”  The press release also indicated that, “Given the County’s superior inherent budget flexibility in the form of control over revenues and spending capacity, Fitch expects the county to manage through economic downturns while maintaining a high level of fundamental financial flexibility.”
Linda Glavis, Chair of the Board of Supervsiors thanked the staff for their efforts in managing the County’s finances.  Mrs. Glavis also noted the efforts of each of the Board members to “ensure that the County lives within its means while continuing to fund projects to improve the quality of life for its residents.”
County Administator Doug Stanley noted, “This is a strong testament to the County’s sound financial management and the leadership provided by the Board of Supervisors.  The County’s strong fund balance, efforts to plan for future expenditures, and pay-as-you go philosophies highlight our financial flexibility and ability to meet the challenges ahead.”
Davenport & Company, LLC Senior Vice President and Warren County Financial Advisor Ted Cole added, “This upgrade to AA+ was achieved through consistent and strategic management of resources, maintaining long-term debt obligations at relatively low levels, and building reserves to healthy levels for purposes of weathering economic downturns as well as funding a balanced portion of capital projects on a pay-as-you-go basis.  We congratulate the County on this excellent news and the potential savings impact this upgrade will have when accessing the capital markets in the future.”
To view the full Rating Report, please CLICK HERE.

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