Board of Supervisors

Board of Supervisors

Warren County is divided into five magisterial districts: North River, Shenandoah, Fork, South River, and Happy Creek, each of which elects one representative. Collectively, the representatives form the Board of Supervisors, which is charged with directing policies governing the affairs of the County. A County Administrator oversees and implements these policies. Front Royal is the county seat.

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Update on Brush Cutting Operations - January 30, 2017

Warren County staff will be addressing several brush cutting priorities throughout the Lake Front Royal Sanitary District over the next few months.  One of the first priorities is to cut back overgrown brush at several intersections to improve visibility of residents and motorists.  The roadways provide a 50' right of way (approximately 25' from the roadway centerline on each side) for maintenance activities.  Trees and overgrown brush within this area may be removed if it's creating a sight distance issue, is a safety hazard, or interferes with our normal maintenace operations.  County staff will attempt to be respectful of planted flowers and shrubs, however, the safety of the residents and motorists is our primary concern.  Any questions about these operations should be fowarded to your Advisory Board or to the County Administrator's office.

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