The LFRSD is pleased to announce the completion of the Intersection Control Signage project.  This project was ranked #2 on the current LFRSD, Capital Improvement Project (CIP) Priority list in an effort to address safety and liability concerns.  All Intersection Control Signage throughout the district was evaluated and all locations have been updated.  Please be aware that several new Intersection Control Signs have been added in the district and at some locations signs have changed from "Yield" to "Stop".  In total, 23 Intersection control signs were installed throughout the district.  County staff completed this project on October 31, 2017.

The County of Warren has established a roadway improvement project on Lake Front Rd.  The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) will administer the project to improve the 0.14 mile long segment of roadway which begins at the intersection of Rte. 522 and ends at the intersection with Creek Rd.  Creek Rd. intersection improvements will also be incorporated into the project.  The existing roadway will be reconstructed, drainage improved to include a new structure over Sloan Creek, and re-paved to meet VDOT standards.  Once construction is completed, the improved roadway will be turned over to VDOT for maintenance.  The project is being funded jointly by the community of Lake Front Royal (25%), County of Warren (25%), and VDOT (50%).  At this time, VDOT has not established a firm construction start date.  However, the goal is to complete the project during the summer/fall of 2018.

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Winter weather can be extremely harsh on unpaved roadways within District. Pot holes and muddy conditions can appear almost overnight.  Poor drainage conditions, constant freeze/thaw cycles, and the frequent plowing of snow during each storm adds to the problem.  Until spring arrives and we can perform some heavy machine grading on the roadways, County staff will continue to monitor the unpaved roadways and make temporary repairs as needed by hand filling the worst of the potholes and covering muddy areas with stone. 

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The Lake Front Royal Sanitary District has contracted with Racey Engineering, PLLC of Luray to develop a comprehensive road & drainage study on the community’s 6.5 mile road system.  Over the next several weeks, Racey’s team will be investigating the current conditions and deficiencies of the existing road and drainage system.  This work will entail field survey work to determine the location of existing road right-of-ways, culverts, and drainage patterns.  You may see your property corners flagged with survey ribbon and/or additional stakes.  This survey work does not mean any type of work is imminent.  The existing paved roadways will be core drilled to determine the depth and type of pavements as well as sub-surface conditions. 

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LFRLakeThe Lake Front Royal Sanitary District was established by the Warren County Circuit Court on January 21, 2016.  In order to allow for maximum input from the residents of the district, the Warren County Board of Supervisors created an advisory committee to provide input to Supervisors and County staff regarding the district’s budget, tax rate, road system capital improvement plan and facility maintenance.  Each member of the advisory committee must live in and own propoerty in the distirct and will serve a two-year term.  The term of current members will expire December 31, 2018.  Bylaws for the group were adopted by the Board of Supervisors on November 15, 2016 and are viewable by clicking here.  Information on current Advisory Board members can be found by visiting the Lake Front Royal Sanitary District Advisory Committee page.

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