Call (540) 636-9973 to schedule an inspection.  You must call before 4:00 p.m. for your inspection to be scheduled the next business day.  Inspections are performed on the day that is requested, unless there are unforeseen circumstances.   To obtain an approximate time (roughly a two hour window) call (540) 636-9973 between  8:15 a.m. – 8:30 a.m. the morning of your scheduled inspection.  The time given is only approximate, due to possibilities of prior inspections being canceled or taking longer than expected.

For further information:  (540) 636-9973.

Required Inspections:
  • Foundation Footings:  Inspections are required after all trench, pier or other type of foundation footings are dug and/or constructed (formed) and all steel reinforcement is in place but prior to placement of concrete.
  • Poured in Place Concrete Walls:  After wall forms are set and reinforcement steel is in place.
  • Inground Plumbing:  After piping is supported and test installed.
  • Slabs:  After all preparation has been done and any reinforcement steel is in place.  Top of slab must be marked.
  • Foundation Backfill:  Inspections are required of all foundations below grade prior to backfilling.  All foundation drains, gravel cover, filter cloth, parging, and foundation coating shall be completed.  The basement slab shall be poured and first deck installed, or walls adequately braced prior to backfilling.
  • Chimney/Fireplaces/Hearth:  Throat and/or thimble inspection prior to proceeding with chimney. Hearth forms and reinforcement steel in place prior to pouring hearth.
  • Rough In Plumbing:  After all "rough in" plumbing has been installed and prior to any concealment by insulation, wall coverings, concrete or other concealing material.  All plumbing pipes are required to be tested.
  • Rough In Mechanical:  After all "rough in" duct work is installed and prior to insulating.
  • Rough In Electrical:  After all "rough in" wiring has been installed and prior to insulating.
  • Framing:  After all framing, fire stopping and bracing is completed and all rough-in inspections have been approved prior to insulating.  All rough-in inspections and the framing inspection may be called in for the same day if they are all ready.
  • Insulation:  After insulation and energy seals have been installed and prior to wall covering being installed.
  • Final Inspection:  After all work has been completed and the building or structure is ready for use and/or occupancy.  Final approval will not be issued until compliance with all other applicable state and local codes have been verified.
  • Any other inspections deemed necessary by the Building Official.

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