(Warren County) – County Administrator Douglas P. Stanley and Ronald King today announced the resignation of Mr. King as the Warren County Department of Social Services (WCDSS) Director effective September 30, 2010.  Mr. King has served as Director of the Department for over eleven years.


Doug Stanley, County Administrator, stated, “First of all I want to thank Mr. King for his 11+ years of dedicated service to the County and to the clients that were served by the Department.  I sincerely appreciate Ron’s cooperation over the past nine months during the transition from an Administrative Board to an Advisory Board.  Without making any significant changes I think we have made a number of tweaks to the policies and procedures to improve efficiency and oversight of the operation.  I truly believe that the Department is in better shape now than it was when he first came to head the agency in 1999.  Over the past several years the employees of the Department, under Ron’s direction, have worked hard to meet the growing needs of the community without additional staff resources, particularly during this difficult economic climate.”  Stanley added that, “In conjunction with the Advisory Board I will immediately begin work on setting up the criteria for the qualifications that we are looking for in a new director and begin advertising for a replacement as soon as possible.”


Ron King stated, “I deeply appreciate the Warren Social Services Board giving me the opportunity to serve as WCDSS Director. I must also acknowledge WCDSS’s dedicated, hard working employees who are its greatest source of strength.  Staff works behind the scenes in settings that range from dangerous to tedious. Their names rarely appear in public.  They are the people, however, on whom WCDSS’s reputation depends.  This wonderful community has a local WCDSS workforce that achieves excellence every day in routine tasks, a workforce that understands the vision and values of the community, and delivers services in a manner that honors those values, especially the commitment to respect the importance of each person.  It is at the line level that services are provided and where social equity is achieved.”


King added, “When I accepted the position of WCDSS Director in 1999, I said that I would serve as long as I was needed.  The position remains immensely rewarding and is one of the best mid-size director’s positions within the Virginia Social Services system.  Thank you for the honor to have served you.”




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