Snow Removal Questions

Several residents had questions and comments regarding the recent snowfall. I wanted to help answer some of those questions. I received several emails and voicemails during the snowfall. I am able to receive voicemails and emails while I am in the field working to remove snow but I simply did not have time to answer all of them while working to respond, but I DO get them and I did my best to respond the individual concerns.

I do not intend to apply any salt to the dirt portions of the roadway, while it may melt the ice it also can cause significant damage to the road by retaining moisture and causing soft spots when the roads thaw. I will continue to apply gravel abrasives to severely icy areas on the dirt roads.

Due to the fact this recent snowfall was forecast to be less than 4” I did not call in any outside contract help. I performed the plowing and application of abrasives with my truck on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I monitored my voicemail and email for the remainder of the weekend but I did not receive any additional concerns from residents.

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