Music Park Now Open in Rockland Park

 Lorraine LeHew Hultquist Music ParkWarren County officials are pleased to announce the Lorraine LeHew Hultquist Music Park is now open to the publicfollowing the dedication ceremony held on Wednesday, November 29, 2017 in Rockland Park. The Lorraine LeHew Hultquist Music Park is named in recognition of Ms. Hultquist’s generous support of the music park, which will allow our community to enjoy the enrichment and passion of music. 

Ms. Hultquist suggested the idea of adding a music park to one of the County’s facilities a few years ago after visiting similar parks in Utah and Oregon. She met with Dan Lenz, Director of Parks and Recreation, in February 2017 with a music park guide that offered a variety of park options. Ms. Hultquist recommended a six piece sculptural ensemble and offered to donate the funding needed for to implement the project.  Ms. Hultquist and Mr. Lenz agreed to have the music park installed in Rockland Park because of its natural tree setting. 

The addition of the instruments adds an artistic flare to Rockland Park’s outdoor space. It is a beautiful grouping of both resonated and non‐resonated instruments. The collection of instruments includes: Contrabass chimes, Manta Ray metallophone, Swirl chimes, Aria xylophone, Lilypad cymbals, and Pagoda bells. The equipment is multi-generational, interactive, durable, and perfectly tuned with no wrong notes; everyone, regardless of age or ability, can play!  

Dan Lenz expressed his gratitude to Ms. Hultquist at the dedication ceremony saying, “I would like to personally thank Lorraine for her kind and generous monetary gift for this magnificent music park for all Warren County patrons to enjoy. It is truly fitting that she is honored today for her gracious and kind gift.”

Mr. Tony Carter, Vice Chair of the Warren County Board of Supervisors representing the Happy Creek District, thanked Ms. Hultquist saying, “This Park has the potential, I believe, to inspire future musicians. I would like to express our sincere gratitude to Ms. Lorraine Hultquist for her generous donation that caused this outdoor music park to become a reality. Her love of music and her community are unparalleled, and we are truly blessed to have citizens of her caliber contribute to the betterment of our county.”

Mr. Thomas Sayre, Warren County Board of Supervisors member representing the Shenandoah District, also thanked Ms. Hultquist stating, “Lorraine Hultquist’s gift of the outdoor music park, superbly made into the shape of a violin by Warren County staff, is helping make Rockland Park the crown jewel of Warren County. I hope the citizens use the music park, enjoy it and assist with a watchful eye in keeping the equipment free from vandalism and report any suspicious activity. Thank you Lorraine for the gift of a lifetime in the Shenandoah District of Warren County.”

Mr. Doug Stanley, County Administrator, also voiced his appreciation to Ms. Hultquist stating, “I want to thank Lorraine Hultquist for her generous donation in adding this exciting element to what eventually will be our flagship park. Through the support of people like Ms. Hultquist, the Rotary Club of Front Royal, and Edward Jones, we have been able to expedite our development of Rockland Park with the addition of the two shelters and now the music park at the Rockland Park Playground complex. I also want to express my appreciation to Dan Lenz and Brandy Rosser for their efforts in coordinating this project, as well as Alan Munson, Lee Cockrell, and other Park and Recreation Maintenance staff for their hard work in installing the project.”


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